Power unit


PURPOSE: To prevent a logic circuit, etc., from being broken down by the output voltage of a power unit which has changeover terminals by holding the output electric power lower than usual when the changeover terminals are connected to none of terminals. CONSTITUTION: An input voltage Vi is stabilized by a stabilizing circuit 1 and outputted as an output voltage V 0 , which is divided by the voltage dividing circuit consisting of resistances 2 and 3 and inputted to one input terminal of an error amplifier 4. This error amplifier 4 compares a voltage proportional to the output voltage V 0 inputted to one input terminal with a reference voltage Vs inputted to the other input terminal to control the stabilizing circuit 1 with the output voltage. Therefore, when no terminal is connected to changeover terminals 14 and 15, the voltage Vs is '0', so the output voltage V 0 is controlled to a voltage lower than usual and a load device is never broken down. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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