Bearing without retainer


PURPOSE: To arrange rolling bodies without retainer in distributed manner by using magnetized rolling bodies. CONSTITUTION: A roller bearing 1 is formed with an outer race 2 and an inner race 3 both formed with non-magnetic body such as ceramic or hard plastic, and multiple rollers 4 formed with magnetic body. Each roller 4 is magnetized. For example, between the rollers 4A and 4B are formed N and S poles. Here, the white color denotes the S pole and the black color the N pole. A roller 4 is formed into a multiple-poled magnet (in the order of SNSNSN) and a neighboring roller 4 is formed into a multiple-poled magnet having a different N-S order. This makes the rollers 4 have uniformity among them and stabilization of repulsive forces is realized. Also, rotary mass and frictional loss are reduced to make higher rpm possible. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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