Steering device for agricultural transfer vehicle


PURPOSE: To speedily carry out the emergent stop for traveling free from the erroneous operation by allowing a traveling brake to be operated simultaneously with the cutting-off of the right and left traveling clutches is pairs by the operation of a traveling stopping clutch. CONSTITUTION: In the traveling device having the right and left crawlers in pairs, a traveling clutch 2 is cut-off by the pushing of a piston 14 by the hydraulic pressure, and then a traveling brake 4 is operated, and the traveling direction is turned, having the operation side of the traveling brake 4 as center. In this case, a traveling stopping switch 5 which is turned-ON/OFF through a pushing button 25 is installed at the upper edge of a speed change lever 7, and a solenoid 19 is put into electric conduction through a relay contact 26 by the turning-ON of the switch 5, and a traveling stopping valve 20 is closed to increase the hydraulic pressure in a hydraulic cylinder 13, and the traveling brake 4 is operated. Further, when the speed change lever 7 is set at the neutral operation position and a stop release switch 6 is turned ON, the valve 20 is opened. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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