PURPOSE: To prevent the orientation of ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) from being disordered by providing no space in an area where liquid crystal is charged. CONSTITUTION: A valve 13' is so opened that the 2nd space 5 becomes higher in pressure than the 1st space 4 from a vacuum state and while a valve 12' is closed, air or nitrogen is leaked gradually from the valve 13' to the atmospheric pressure. Then silicone rubber 6 expands 6" downward to press an opposite substrate 1' to a substrate 1 with uniform pressure. Thus, uniform pressure is applied to the entire surfaces of the couple of substrates and liquid crystal is provided in a dot or plural dots previously, but the liquid crystal spreads laterally along the surface of the substrate 1 and laminated under said pressure. Thus, no spacer is used, so its very important to laminate the liquid crystal as FLC to a specific thickness by controlling the pressure and the temperature and time of heating precisely. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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