Paper feed device


PURPOSE: To prevent paper sheets fully loaded on a table from slipping down and collapsing, by providing the front end fence of a paper sheet leading end position limiting member rotatably on the front end side of the table so that the front end fence is returned into a stand-up position and is secured when the table rotates. CONSTITUTION: One end of a lever 111 is rotatably supported to a pin 110 on the side surface of a table 101, and the coil section of a torsion spring 112 is fitted on the pin 110. Further, one end 112a of the spring 112 is received by the side surface of the table 101 and the other end thereof is locked to the lever 111. Therefore, during normal setting, the front end of the lever 111 abuts against a body cover to limit the movement. However, when the table 101 is raised, the pin on the arm 109 abuts against the intermediate section of the lever 111 to rotate the arm 109 clockwise so that the front end fence 102 secured to the front end of the arm is made to be upright. Accordingly, it is possible to preveent paper sheets fully loaded on the table from slipping off or collapsing. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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