Label printer


PURPOSE: To obtain a label printer not requiring the input of the kind of a label and simple to operate, by a method wherein a large number of parts detected by a detector are formed to base paper having labels adhered thereto along the side edges thereof at an equal pitch and a control means measuring the length of each label on the basis of the output interval of the detector and determining the stop timing of a base paper feed part corresponding to the measured value. CONSTITUTION: When a power source is turned ON, processing clearing the memory of a counter is performed to start the feed of base paper. A detector 9 detects each hole to be detected to output a detection signal. So far as the feed of base paper 1 is continued, the detector 9 detects the next hole to be detected and these detection signals are outputted and at each time when a stepping motor driving a base paper feed part rotates in one step, 1 is added to the memory of a counter and the length (l) of a label is automatically calculated on the basis of the count number of the memory of the counter. Corresponding to this, the feed quantity (L-kl) of base paper 1 is calculated and, when said quantity coincided with the actual feed quantity of the base paper 1, the stepping motor is stopped to stop the feed of base paper. Hereinafter, printing processing is performed by a thermal head 3 through a main routine. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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