Connected structure of plastic pipe


PURPOSE:To prevent that an adhesive is squeezed out in a pipe and the fluid in the pipe is contaminated with the solvent of the adhesive by combining connection by using an adhesive with welding-connection by means of an electric heating coil. CONSTITUTION:A cylindrical surface 22 of a smaller diameter is formed on the apex of a spigot 21. An electric heating coil is wound around the cylindrical surface and the backward outer surface is coated with an adhesive 3. The spigot is thereafter pushed in a faucet 11 and the apex of the spigot is pressed against the step part of a stopper 12 formed at the inner part of the faucet 11. An electric current is sent to the electric heating coil drawn outside to heat both the inner surface of the faucet 11 and the apex surface of the spigot 21, which are thereby melted to fuse each other. As the connection with the adhesive is done only on the opening side of the faucet, the adhesive 3 is not squeezed out into a pipe from the inner part of the faucet 11 and the apex of the spigot 21 when the connecting operation is carried out. There is no possibility that the solvent of the adhesive is ooze out as the inner part of the faucet and the apex of the spigot are fused with each other.




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