Clutch facing


PURPOSE: To easily adjust the balance of frictional performance and reinforcing performance by using a tape formed by combining a yarn having good frictional characteristic and a yarn having high reinforcing effect. CONSTITUTION: A base material formed by sticking dust to a blended yarn of a polyamide fiber and a staple fiber is used as a yarn 1 for a friction part, and a bulked glass roving base material with a diameter of 9μ is used as a yarn 2 for a reinforcing part. The respective three yarns 1, 2 are used to form a tape 3, and the tape 3 is passed through a resin bath 4 to be impregnated with modified phenol resin. The tape to which the modified phenol resin adheres is dried at 90W120°C in a drying furnace 5. After that, the tape is formed by pressure and heat by a metal mold 8 for molding. Subsequently, the tape is further subjected to heat treatment to obtain an annular clutch facing product 9. Accordingly, the balance adjustment between burst strength and frictional performance can be facilitated. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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