Molding for light diffusion and transmission


PURPOSE: To form a light diffusing and transmitting part which has high ray transmittance and uniform light diffusibility without unevenness by molding said part by at least injection molding of a thermoplastic resin compsn. contg. dispersedly and uniformly transparent glass particles so as to have a specific thickness. CONSTITUTION: The thermoplastic resin compsn. consists of the transparent thermoplastic resin A and the glass particles B having 0.005W0.2 difference in refractive index from the refractive index of the component A and having ≤80μm average long diameter and ≤1μm average short diameter. The ratio at which the component B is compounded is the equations 1, 2, 3. VA and VB in the formula 3 are the same as in the formula 1, 2, R is the average grain side of the component B [(average long diameter + average short diameter)/2)] (μm), (t) is the thickness (μm) of the light diffusing and transmitting part. The molding for light diffusion and transmission has about ≥65% total ray transmit tance and ≥80% base value and excellent brightness and light diffusing perfor mance. Said molding provides the uniform brightness without unevenness as the light source is not recognized during lighting. COPYRIGHT: (C)1986,JPO&Japio




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