Method and device for investigating characteristic of oscillation sensor


PURPOSE:To correct measurement data and to improve measurement precision by sending an electric signal to a movable coil and oscillating the coil in an oscillation sensor which oscillates a magnet and the movable coil relatively, and obtaining characteristics (correction data) of the oscillation sensor. CONSTITUTION:The movable part consisting of the movable coil 2, a weight 3, and a spring 4 is provided to the permanent magnet 1 to constitute the oscilla tion sensor. An electric signal transmitter 17 is connected to the movable coil 2 through a changeover switch 18. Then, an electric signal of high frequency is sent from an electric signal generator 17 to the movable coil 2 before measure ment to oscillate the movable coil 2 and magnet 1 relatively, and the current AC signal is inputted to a computer 13 to obtain the data for correction. Then, the oscillation of the ground, building, etc., is measured and measurement data is inputted to a computer 13, which corrects it with the correction data which is stored 14 previously. Therefore, characteristics of the oscillation sensor are detected at an actual spot of oscillation measurement to obtain the correction data, so the oscillation is measured with high precision.




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