Method of severing coil material


PURPOSE:To reduce the number of times of preparation to aim at enhancing the efficiency of severance, by forming a punched hole at a predetermined position in a wide coil member so that a plurality of sketch materials are cut off, simultaneously, by use of severing means passing through these holes. CONSTITUTION:A punched hole 11 is formed in a wide coil material 1. Then, the coil material 1 is fed in the direction of the arrow to form a cut 12 extending widthwise and a cut 13 extending longitudinally. Simultaneously, the next puched hole 11 is formed in the next succeeding coil material 1. At this time the puched hole 11 is formed at the crossing point of the cut 12 and the cut 13. With this arrangement, sketch materials may be obtained by a T-like pattern cut, simultaneously.




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