Method for spraying spraying material on copper article


PURPOSE:To improve the adhesion of a spraying material to a Cu member when the material such as a metallic carbide or ceramics is sprayed on the surface of the member with a bonding material in-between, by forming a plated Ni or Cr layer beforehand on the surface of the Cu member. CONSTITUTION:A plated Ni or Cr layer is formed on the surface of a Cu article and sand-blasted slightly to such a degree that the layer is not removed. A bonding material such as an Ni-Al alloy is plasma-sprayed on the Ni or Cr layer to 0.1mm. thickness, and a hard carbide such as WC or ceramics such as alumina is plasma-sprayed according to the purpose. The sprayed WC or ceramic layer adheres firmly to the surface of the Cu article through the sprayed layer of the bonding material.




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