Method and device for flaw detection by audible sound wave


PURPOSE:To perform flaw detection effective to a nonmetallic structure by using an easily obtained audible sound wave by making incident the audible sound wave from a sound wave input element on a material to be tested, and receiving the sound wave transmitted through the material to be tested by a sound wave receiver. CONSTITUTION:A magnetic tape on which a sound is recorded is reproduced by an audible sound transmitter 1 and radiated to the material 4 to be tested which is a structure made of nonmetal such as timber and concrete from the sound wave input element 2. Then the sound wave receiver 3 positioned on the opposite surface of the material 4 to be tested receives the transmitted sound wave and its output is amplified 5 and displayed on a cathode-ray tube 6. At this time, if the material 4 to be tested has a cavity (defect) 7, the consonance of the sound wave at the part which reaches the receiver 4 varies and this is drawn on the cathode-ray tube 6 and compared, thus facilitating checking whether the material 4 to be tested has the defect 7 or not.




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