Adhesive composition


PURPOSE: To provide on adhesive compsn. which has good adhesion without the necessity of treating the surface of a thermoplastic resin such as polyolefin resin, consisting of a liquid butadiene/styrene copolymer and an isocyanate compd. CONSTITUTION: Butadiene is reacted with styrene in the presence of 50% H 2 O 2 solution in isopropyl alcohol as solvent at 80W150°C for 30W200min to obtain a liquid butadiene/styrene copolymer (A) having a number-average MW of 300W 25,000, a styrene unit content of 1W50mol% and a terminal hydroxyl group content of 0.1W10meq/g. Component A is blended with an isocyanate compd. (B) (e.g. tolylene diisocyanate) in such a proportion as to give an equivalent ratio of NCO to OH of 0.4W2.0. The mixture is melt-kneaded at 0W250°C for 0.01W10hr. COPYRIGHT: (C)1986,JPO&Japio




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